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Protal 1+ incorporates So Fresh cellulose fibre made from 100% natural and sustainable jute to give inherent bacteriostatic and anti-fungal properties. The unique combination of fibres means the fabric offers excellent strength, a luxurious handle with good absorption and high colour brilliance.

Features and Benefits of Protal® 1+

Inherently FR

  • Permanent FR performance for lifetime of the garment
  • Does not wash out
  • No deterioration in FR performance
  • No chemical treatments or re-treatments
  • More environmentally friendly than treatments
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Added security (safety)
  • No loss of mechanical properties
  • More comfortable than treated cotton
  • The + Factor

  • Inherent natural bacteriostatic, bactericidal and antifungal activity for the lifetime of the garment
  • Luxurious handle, good absorption, quick drying with excellent strength
  • So┬«Fresh is an environmentally friendly fibre originating from naturally sustainable plants
  • Easily Dyed

  • Hi-visibillity yellow and orange
  • Multiple shades available
  • Cationic dyes for cost effective dyeing
  • Good colour fastness for longer life
  • Good batch to batch consistency
  • Target Markets

  • General FR workwear
  • Hot working environments where antibacterial performance is required
  • Petrochemical
  • Utilities
  • Police / Military undergarments
  • Most Common Applications

  • Woven shirting
  • Knitted undergarments, polo-shirt, sweatshirt, fleece, balaclava